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The historic Hall of Antart Studios is a magnificent open-plan high-ceiling hall with exquisite sound treatment. The wood that prevails in the room radiates a calm vibe which, combined with the dimmed lights, create a warm atmosphere that will help every visitor feel cozy and comfortable during his stay in the studio.

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Recording Room

Numerous significant moments have taken place in the legendary hall A of Antart Studios.
“Zorba the Greek”, “Odos Oneiron” as well as all the music recorded for the historical company of Finos Film have been recorded in this room.

"The brand new control room completes studio A, housing our analog Raindirk soundesk and all the outboard equipment like pre-amps, compressors, sound effect units and much more."



Control Room

Inside the control room, the producer/sound engineer can contact the recording musicians through a cctv camera and a 55 inch monitor. The wood stands out in this room once again but in a modern and elegant way, matching the aesthetic of the recording hall. Τhe lighting of the room has been especially designed so that the time spent in there can be creative and relaxing.

"This new room was built to detail so that the producer and sound engineer can bring the best out of them. Designed by Harris Moraitis with immense acoustic response, you can hear the actual sound of your recording and not the reflections of the room."



Raindirk LN1 Analog Console

The classic British analog sound of Raindirk LN1 is distinct in world music industry. 32 channels of warm, detailed sound with ultra low noise floor, a soundesk that gives us unique recordings with the instruments and vocals sounding big and shiny.


Monitoring System

A studio standard, widely tested monitoring system, B&W 801 Matrix used as farfield monitors and the classic B&W 805 Nautilus as frontfield. Suitable for mix & mastering, our monitoring system can get you effortlessly through time-demanding sessions. 



Rack one (full of outboard)

All-valve, transistors, pre-amps, compressors. Some of the best pieces of equipment the world sound industry has to offer are “screwed” on our right rack. Whatever a producer wishes can be found here. In combination with the outstanding Raindirk pre-amps and EQ, we can get a variety of sound textures during our recording.


(Click on the photo to explore our rack ) 



Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

A grand piano is, without doubt, an absolute necessity in a studio like ours. So, after months of searching, we invested in a classic Yamaha C7 Grand Piano. This wonderfully sounding instrument can bring out its full character in our 6m tall - 100m2 recording Hall, delivering great recordings in various music styles. Jazz, Pop or Classical.



Rack 2 (full of outboard)

Our left rack houses some classic effect units like the world-class Bricasti M7 Reverb, the sought-after Roland RE 201 Space Echo adjacent to the analog mastering section consisting of the Culture Vulture compressor, the Manley Massive Passive and two Pultec EQs.

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