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About Us

In a beautiful and historic neoclassical building located in Chiou 53 str, in the city center of Athens, the building that once housed the famous greek film company "Finos Films", Antart Studios began their operation in 2013.


"And history once again is to be written…"


Some of the most important albums of 60’s and 70’s Greek discography - such as "Zorbas the Greek", the "Street of Dreams" and many more -  had been recorded here, as well as music for the greatest films of Greek cinema.

Studio A is ideal for such projects as full orchestra, band, choir and drumset recording. Solo instruments and vocals sounds phenomenal too! Additionally, our top class Yamaha C7 is the perfect grand piano for professional pianists and people who love the pure sound of such an instrument.


The Antart Studios, two wonderful recording halls, opened their doors. The uniqueness and old magic of the venue is our inspiration.


"In this place –if you are quiet- you can hear the sound of history…"

(Nikos Mermigkas  | Owner at antart productions/antart studios, producer, musician)

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