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About Us

Music creation is our goal

We are a team of musicians, producers, arrangers and sound engineers whose goal is to provide the space where every songwriter, singer or musician will be able to produce, record or play his music and hear his creation in the way he’s dreamed of. That’s what we’ re working for daily.

Every day in Antart Studios is a unique musical experience.

antart studios' building

Our Story

Established in a building of much significance for the arts and culture, house to the historical movie company “Finos Film” during the 60s and 70s, Nikos and Thodoris Mermigkas founded Antart studios in 2014 with a dream to begin recording theirs as well as other musicians compositions. In 2019, sound engineer and producer Nikos Goudinakis and musician and arranger Dimitris Siampos along with Nikos Mermigkas will form a new team that will set a new course for Antart Studios.
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This change comprehended a profound restoration for both the building and the equipment of the studio, always aligned with the wonderful vintage vibe the space oozes with. So there’s a total makeover for the reception hall as well as for all the shared spaces, a top notch control room is constructed for the historic hall of Studio A, whereas Studio B gets operational once again after many years with its own control room. Therefore, the needed modifications were made so that recording room B could also be used as a second recording room for Studio A.

A huge upgrade is also taking place regarding the musical equipment and the backline of the studio. A magnificent English soundesk (Raindirk LN1), a vast collection of microphones, analog outboards, peripheral hardware as well as musical instruments (Grand & Upright Pianos, Fender Rhodes, Guitars, Basses, Amps) are now available for every visiting artist.

Yet, the strong suit besides every renovation and technical upgrade, are the people that dream and work so that this historical place can keep on writing its own modern history.
And we take great pride in our unique and ever-growing team.

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